Max Freeman Bio

Max Freeman is a drummer, music educator, and composer based out of Boston. He is a co-owner of Union Lesson Studios in Somerville where he teaches drums, music theory and audio production. At Berklee College of Music he graduated with a degree in film scoring and minored in music technology. He started out as a concert percussionist playing instruments like marimba, vibraphone, and orchestral percussion. Then in his late teens he shifted his focus to writing music and drum set. Before moving to Boston he marched in a world class WGI drum line and played drum set for various churches and groups in Fort Worth, Texas. He has performed and studied a wide variety of musical styles including rock, latin, metal, jazz, middle-eastern, and funk. When he isn't teaching he works as a freelance composer and and audio engineer for small media projects.

Teaching philosophy:

“I believe in breaking concepts down into their most basic parts. Once a student can comprehend and execute the smaller concepts then we bring them together to learn more advanced ideas. Everything we learn will be applied to a musical context so students can start using the ideas outside of the classroom. 

Even though we’re drummers I try to make sure all of my students are musically literate. Every student learns to read, write, and transcribe drum music so they can continue their education and eventually learn any song they want on their own. Students will also be given the opportunity choose songs they want to learn during lessons.”

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